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Modification of websites

Perhaps you already have a working website and you need to make small changes or corrections to it. In that case, I will be happy to help. Everyone knows that poor web design can hurt your conversions and sales. Sometimes all you need is to redesign one element or prepare a webpage for mobile screens instead of creating a completely new website that would be costly. Not only I can make your website look better but I can also expand its functionality and possibilities.

If you need help with a static website built in HTML, CSS, JS, or PHP then I'm ready to help. Does the website work on WordPress? I can make changes to the theme by creating a child theme so you will not lose any changes during updates. You may just need additional options in your theme so it would be more customizable and easier to manage - in such a case I am here for you. The problem may appear if your website was built on Elementor / Divi or other such tools (that's called WYSIWYG) - I do not work with these tools because I care about the structure and readability of the code and I try to do my job professionally. To be honest the only visual editor for WordPress I work with is Gutenberg. It’s not ideal but I can build custom blocks for it so the code structure will be fine and the website will be easy to edit or expand.

If you are interested in optimizing or speeding up your website please take a look here: optimizing websites.

Freelancer for Modification of websites

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