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Repair and Removal of viruses from websites

Is your site loading so slowly that visitors leave it before it loads? I don’t have to say your conversion rate will drop dramatically if you don't fix that. That can be a problem with some of your scripts, it can be a timeout or some kind of infinite loop. Maybe you have a WordPress website and one day it started to display a white screen? It is probably caused by an internal server error that needs to be fixed. Do you have bad ads on your website, but you didn't place them there? Your website may have been hacked or damaged during an update.

Every website needs to be protected because there are a lot of automated bots trying to break into every website they find. You don’t see them but they are everywhere. If this happens, your site will start sending spam, advertising weird products, and may end up blocked by your hosting provider. This can be very harmful to your business and cause your email to be recognized as spam in the future. That’s why it is so important to fix any problems as soon as you find them and protect the website.

I help people remove viruses and fix bugs that show up on their sites.

Make sure to systematically make backups of your websites and never use “nulled” or pirated plugins and themes that you would need to pay for but you did find them for free somewhere. If your website needs to be fixed or cleared from viruses just leave me a note with details and the URL and we will talk about that.

Repair and Removal of viruses from websites

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