Who We are?

Welcome you to our website in which we attempt to distill the essence of what we are all about ... helping our customers improve their use of disparate, complex and ever-changing technologies. In a nutshell, we increase their "tech worth" by evolving, integrating or expanding their existing systems and by strategically deploying new, state-of-the-art platforms.

What is Powder Coating?

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What We do?

In a growing market, the Company stresses on quality, dependability and functionality of its products whether they are designed for home or industrial applications. Jibreel Group offers diverse steel, wrought and cast iron products such as fences, railings, hangers which include Corrugated PPGI Sheets, Purling ''C'' and ''Z'', water gutters and sliding doors. The Company also provides powder coating for all applications, pre-fabricated steel hangars, barns, metal bridges, racks, platforms...