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Creating Websites

Website development is my primary service so if you are looking for Freelancer for hire, you are in the right place. Nowadays, if you run a business, you definitely need to make it exist on the web. A good and professional website will allow you to increase the sale of your services, find more information about them and your company, or promote your products. Every website that I build, I try to do my best - that’s why I will not create a website for you in one or two days. I make sure that the websites I create:

  • are responsive (RWD),
  • Are optimized for search engines,
  • load as quickly as possible,
  • get a decent result in Google Insights,
  • are secured

Creating WordPress websites


Most of the websites I create are based on the most popular CMS system in the world - WordPress. CMS (Content Management System) is a software that allows owners to manage and modify their websites without the need to hire a web developer. It is a system that has many supporters (as well as opponents) and a huge community of web developers constantly creating plugins and themes to help people manage websites without coding knowledge. I can build your website from scratch by creating a theme and using custom post types / my own, custom Gutenberg blocks, or just simply using some ready-made theme. The difference will be price and time.

Creating static websites

Static websites

Sometimes, however, WordPress is not the right solution for your website. If your website is small, simple, and will not be edited or changed in the future, I can just create it by coding static HTML, CSS, and JS files. In some cases, the CMS system may simply turn out to be an unnecessary burden. Perhaps you don't like WordPress and you have knowledge about websites, so you will be able to manage your website without a CMS.

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